Respiratory care and intensive nursing services for children and adults recovering from catastrophic injury or illness.

Located in beautiful Riverton, Utah, Country Life Care Center is an elegant and warm rehabilitation and sub-acute care facility that provides both short term and long term medical care for people after a catastrophic injury or illness. Our team specializes on caring for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI,) spinal chord injury, neuro-motor disorders, ventilator dependency, complex wound care, stroke, intensive SNF services, and people who are recovering from orthopedic surgeries. Our team provides highly skilled nursing and rehabilitation, in an environment that offers all the comforts of living at home, with the medical equipment and skill found in a hospital.

With decades of experience by the founders, Robert Buckley, RN, CRRN and Saundra Buckley, NHA, Country Life Care Center was designed and built with a specific vision of experience for its residents. Our care center’s core philosophy takes into account three important elements; expert care planning and implementation for each individual, a staff that is impeccable both in medical care and connection, and a beautiful environment crafted specifically for peace and healing. The design, decorating and operational plans of Country Life Care Center reflect the founder’s 25 years of experience developing and operating similar facilities across the country.

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Country Life Care Center is committed to providing excellent care. Working in tandem with case managers provides an optimal opportunity for healing and quality life outcomes for each individual who needs our care. Click here for more information to help your patient.

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Country Life Care Center was designed specifically to promote the unique feeling of hope and peace, despite the challenges of catastrophic illness or injury. Our facility has all the high end equipment of a hospital and all of the peaceful feeling offered from home.

Learn more about our facility. Schedule a free, no obligation tour today. We can help you coordinate the care your loved one needs, and navigate the details of financing, insurance and benefits.