Speech Therapy (Speech Pathology) in Riverton Utah

Speech Therapy

Therapy does a couple of things. Our entire purpose in working at Country Care Life Center is to maximize patient’s independence and well being. Many people who come to Country Life Care Center have language, speech or swallowing disorders and are taken care of in our speech therapy department (also known as speech pathology).

 Who Needs Speech Therapy?

Patients come from all types of health ailments including those who have suffered from a stroke, had a tracheotomy, have a hearing issue, a head injury, and our younger patients often have a developmental delay issue, or autism. We work to provide all of them with greater independence and well being. While these language, speech and swallowing disorders may vary from patient to patient, our consistently friendly attitudes to our patients do not and we know how to work with you, your budget and your family if you find yourself in any of these problems.

Issues that are Solved

Sometimes the issue is cognition and our speech pathologists work to help you organize thoughts, plan better, or even pay attention more closely. Other times the issue is a speech disorder like aphasia, which is caused by damage to the brain or the issue is a social communication disorder where a patient may have problems verbalizing what he or she wants to say, or has problems asking questions, greeting or commenting. Swallowing can also be a difficult task and some people gain a swallowing disorder, or “dysphagia”, after a surgery, illness, injury or stroke. If you or a loved one is in need of our sub acute care after a traumatic event, such as a stroke, brain injury, accident or surgery, and need to implement speech therapy into your plan, please call us at (801) 417-9400 today for a free, no obligation tour of Country Care Life Center located at 13747 Redwood Rd in Riverton, Utah and see how you or your loved one can gain or regain their ability to speak, communicate, sing or say “I love you” once more to anyone who wants to hear.


Physical Therapy in Riverton

Physical Therapy

Some things in life are all about the various movements we make such as transferring, walking and having good balance. All of which can be limited by a variety of health concerns. Some of these concerns include balance issues, fractured bones, severe head trauma, breathing/endurance difficulties, frequent and high levels of pain, developmental issues that affect motion, or just a difficulty taking care of one’s self. The physical therapy department at Country Care Life Center understands these movement issues and many more like them and can help you to get out of the hospital bed, out of your crutches and back on your feet.

From your First Day

Many patient come in with serious difficulties. These difficulties can put a serious damper on many activities such as driving the car, playing sports, working or going to school and the otherwise simple task of walking and can lead a person to feel inadequate, or feel like a couch potato. From your first day here our helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff members get to know you as well as your problems with a series of tests and measurements to determine the severity and true magnitude of your ailment.

Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Then we set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, reachable, and time bound (SMART goals) to guide both staff members and patients toward a recovery plan in the right direction and provide words of encouragement throughout the entire process. Once our goals are attained we measure the outcomes of the treatment and change the therapy as needed. We can make a big difference in a short period of time. We are also more than happy to present our affordable treatment plans to you so stop on by our facilities at 13747 Redwood Rd, Riverton, UT for your free consultation or book a tour of our facilities here.


Recreational Therapy in Riverton

Recreational Therapy

When working with a recreational therapist at Country Life Care Center you’re more than just a patient, you’re family. We gain great satisfaction from using the skills we learn to help people have a better life and return to their loved ones affordably and promptly.

Setting Goals

When we in the recreational therapy department at Country Life Care Center work with patients, we not only speak with them about their needs, but we also speak with their loved ones and the goals that they all have for the future. With these goals we create an affordable customized recreational therapy intervention for each of our patients based on their current health, their goals and even their hobbies and interests. Some of these goals that we at Country Life Care center can help with may include a decreased level of stiffness and pain, an increased acceptance of a permanent disability, improved balance, agility and perceptual-motor skill, increased skills at managing boredom, stress and anxiety, lowered levels of depression, enhanced attention, perception and memory, an improved body image, reduced confusion and disorientation or an increased range of motion after surgery or an accident.

Having Fun and Being Better

We use a variety of activities that support a patient’s physical, cognitive, mental, emotional and spiritual state to not only become less ill, but to become independent and be able to participate in fun activities even after leaving our facility. Some of the activities at Country Life Care Center include sports, games, dancing, or arts and crafts and are a lot of fun with our experienced and friendly staff! They also work to relieve the anxiety, depression and stress that can come with health issues and they leave patients with happy memories in the process. Please call us at (801) 417-9400 or click here to schedule a free tour of our facility located at 13747 Redwood Rd, Riverton, UT 84065


Occupational Therapy in Riverton Utah

Occupational Therapy at Country Life Care Center

Whether it’s due to an accident, a stroke, or surgery, you may have experienced a struggle with normal mobility. We here at Country Life Care Center gain great satisfaction in helping people have a better life and gain or return to normal mobility. Sometimes that simply means they can scratch their own nose or push a call button. Sometimes it means getting someone who couldn’t move and walk, to someone who is independent again. Life is more than just surviving, it is about living and our occupational therapy department returns you to a life well lived.

Creating Goals that Fit You

The purpose of the occupational therapy program at Country Life Care Center is to help people return to those activities that they want to do, so that they may have a greater quality of life.We create an individualized plan, in which we discuss what challenges you or your loved one may have and what goals you would like to achieve. These goals may include riding a bike, improved mental health, becoming a great employee again, or overcoming whatever other obstacles health issues may have caused.

Intervention Plan

After achieving these goals, our staff creates a customized intervention plan where we can assist you wherever you need us to such as at your home, at work or in our treatment facilities. Where ever help is need it we can use adaptive tools to help our patients become better and we will design and produce custom wheelchairs, splints and bracing equipment if the patient needs it.


After we follow through with our intervention plan the outcome of our treatment is assessed so you know how well the treatment has worked and then, if necessary, we change the treatment plan according to your needs. We can make a big difference in a short period of time. Let us show you how we do it. Tours of our facility at 13747 Redwood Rd, Riverton can be booked right here or over the phone at  (801) 417-9400.