How to Choose an Acute Medical Care Facility

We know what it’s like to have a family member who needs special medical attention. The worrying, the stress, and the very expensive medical bills can place a burden on all members of the family. Sometimes it can be difficult to know just where to go to find the right care facility after enduring a traumatic hospital stay. We at Country Life Care Center know just how to take care of patients who need acute medical care, and can help you learn how to choose a facility that is right for your loved one.


When you look for an appropriate medical care facility, you want to make sure that the staff is phenomenal. Look for staff members that are friendly and polite, both to you and those around you, and who pay attention to details such as knocking on doors before entering a resident’s room, and knowing each patient’s name. Ask if the facility does background checks on all staff members and provides continuing education opportunities for their career development. Also ask if there is a full-time social worker and registered nurse on staff.


When a loved one needs sub-acute care, chances are that they will be there for a prolonged period. Make sure they’ll be comfortable in the facilities they live in. Look for residence rooms that have places to store personal belongings, like closets and drawers. Look for good lighting in the building and hallways that have clearly marked exits. Check for smoke detectors, sprinklers, handrails and for cleanliness throughout the building. Make sure there are safety procedures for contagious diseases like the flu or other emergencies.


When a person comes into an acute medical facility to be treated, the staff should do everything in their power to help them get better and enjoy their time while doing it. What kind of activities do the residence participate in as they are on their way to wellness? Is everybody able to participate in these activities, including those wheelchair bound? What does the menu look like? A resident should be able to order meals when they are hungry, have fun activities to participate in. Staff should also be able to help residents eat and drink at meal times if the need arises.

We at Country Life Care know that choosing an acute medical facility can be difficult. That’s why we strive to make it easy for you and your loved ones. Give us a call at 801-417-9400 and schedule a free tour. You’ll see our passion for helping others feel better and become mobile once again.