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Pediatric Book Drive


Book Drive

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our pediatric book drive.  The Country Life Care pediatric library received over 30 new donated books that will be used to supplement the developmental needs of our youngest residents.  – 5/4/16 

Our Speech Language Pathologist Nicki Barrett has coordinated with Usborne books to update our pediatric library.  Many of the books listed on Usborne incorporate textures, sliders, and tabs that provide sensory stimulation tailored to aid in a child’s development.  Nicki has created a Country Life wish list that includes books with therapeutic components targeted to the children we care for.  Reading books with children can help develop basic speech and communication skills.  It also exposes children to new words, pictures, and experiences.  Time spent reading can become a nurturing experience that brings the child and reader closer together. We appreciate the numerous staff and volunteers who have taken the time to read with our children.  Here are two ways you can help with our book drive;

    1. Buy a book for yourself off Usborne.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Country Life library.
    2. Buy a book for the Country Life pediatric library off our Usborne wish list. You can have the book shipped to:

Country Life Care

C/O Nicki Barrett

13747 South Redwood Road

Riverton, UT 84065


Had enough of that Tracheostomy? We can help!

Country Life Respiratory Care has achieved a 61% tracheostomy are decannulation rate.  In layman’s terms that means 61% of the patients we admit with a tracheostomy are eventually able to have their tracheostomy removed.  The current national average is about 30%.  Having cared for more than 500 patients in the last three years this number is not a statistical anomaly.  Our respiratory therapy team is diligent about weaning trials and providing respiratory treatments that promote optimal gas exchange.  We also partner with the Primary Children’s Medical Center Vent and Trach team to address pediatric complications.  Respiratory Therapy is one of the strengths that make Country Life the premier choice for children and adults recovering from catastrophic injury and illness.