Dr. Susi Dalanhese DNP Post -Acute Care Medicine

A Meet your Hospitalist Susi Dalanhese

The Country Life team has partnered with the Silverton Group to provide medical services for adult population.  With the guidance of the Silverton Group, Country Life has been able to consistently decanulate more than 60% of the tracheostomy patients we admit.  We are grateful for the thoroughness and responsiveness that Dr. Susi Dalanhese provides our residents.  Dr. Susi Dalanhese is one of the people who make Country Life the premier choice for post-acute respiratory care.


A Dr Peterson

Our team is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Peterson with Bridge Utah Medical Group to our team.  He has been rounding at Country Life on Tuesday mornings.  Having a Physiatrist round at Country Life reduces the need for patient transportation to an office visit.  This also results the ability for our patients to be seen by a Physiatrist on a more timely basis.  Adding Dr. Peterson to our menu of services has helped our patients achieve quicker and more complete recoveries.  If you would like additional information about Dr. Peterson’s services, or to schedule a visit please see anyone in Nursing Administration.

Child Life Specialist

A Child Life Specialist

My name is Lexi Powell and I am a Certified Child Life Specialist. I graduated from the University of Utah and have been practicing as a CCLS for 5 years now. I have experience working in trauma, chronic illness, rare and complicated diseases, working with children of adult patients and many other areas of children experiencing challenging and traumatic events.
I am so excited to be here at Country Life Care Center. I have been working here since October 2017 and have loved developing this Child Life program

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Here is the winning design of our T Shirt contest. We would like to thank everyone for their input and appreciate that people had some fun with their submissions. We are coordinating production of our T Shirts and should have them within the next few weeks.