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Country Life Care Center is a subacute facility that caters to individuals who’ve been treated at a hospital but continue to need intensive skilled care support. An example of this would be a person who received emergency, ICU and regular hospital care after a traumatic brain injury sustained in a car accident. They are not able to stay at home yet, but do not need the level of care, and added expense that comes from being in the hospital. Country Life Care Center provides private bedrooms for temporary, short rehabilitation, such as post orthopedic surgery, as well as long, and sometimes permanent residence for ventilator patients, stroke victims and spinal chord injuries. Please review our services page for a complete list of care provided in our residents.

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Quality Equipment

country-life-bathWe have quality medical equipment, supplies and services that allow us to coordinate the complex care requirements. In each of our 36 private rooms we offer medical oxygen hook ups that can be customized to specific needs. Most facilities offer only 100% compressed air, which makes transitioning to breathing on your own challenging.

Whole Person Care

country-life-horseWe recognize that overcoming the challenges that come from needing post acute care aren’t just physical. There are mental, physical and financial challenges that come along the way, and we provide support and opportunities for healing in each of those areas. We give the patients we care for along with their families the emotional, physical and care management they need.

Convenient Location

location-country-life-care-centerOur care center is conveniently located to the major medical centers of Salt Lake City, making follow-up surgeries, testing or other clinical evaluations that should occur close. Our facility is located adjacent to the Redwood Road exit on the south end of the valley, off of the Bangeter Highway. Our facility is tucked back off of the main road, and boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the Wasatch Mountain range.

Case Manager

case-manager-resorcesOur in-house, certified case manager is ready to work with you and provide accountability and follow-up as you work together on planning long-term medical care for those we serve. We pride ourselves in offering quick admission processing. Working in tandem with insurance and hospital case managers ensures a seamless care process.


country-life-certifiedWe are licensed by the Department of Health Services. We have also acquired a five star rating on Healthcare Compare, a government regulated program that receives ratings from private citizens who have been provided with medical care and who rate service providers.

Contact Us

contact-usThe most important questions are the ones you ask. The best tours are the ones you take. The most beneficial moments you have in the recovery process are the ones where you stand up for the best possible outcomes. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a private tour of our facility.