Country Life Care Center’s Facilities

Best Staff


We have set the bar high for our staff. We find professionals who make it their life’s work to become an expert in a specialty medical niche, while they are also simultaneously empathetic, and nurturing to help support their patient’s emotional needs.  The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has given Country Life a 5 Star Staffing rating on the Nursing Home Compare web site.

Comfortable Living

comfortable-living-life-careWhen you walk into our care center it feels more like a beautiful home than a medical facility. There are custom hand painted murals, beautiful living spaces, and themed corridors. We want each patient, along with their family, to feel like they have come home.

5 Star Amenities

health-care-foodWe have 36 private living spaces, that are customized to each person’s specific medical needs. In addition we have open common areas including a food court, indoor and fresh air sitting areas, easy freeway access, and a private kitchen for families to enjoy.

Medical Services

customized-country-life-careOur medical services are often intense and specific. Post-acute trauma care can be rigorous and involved; including working with case managers, doctors, therapists, rehabilitation specialists and nurses. Our expertise is top rated in both care and logistics, from working with insurance and other providers.

Family Oriented

life-care-babyDo you have a loved one recovering from a catastrophic accident? Is your child on a ventilator and requiring care? If your loved one lives here, in a sense you do too. We take care of all the details of providing the medical rehabilitation, and you can provide the emotional stability and support, as if you lived here too.

Specialized Level of Care

customized-life-careAt Country Life Care Center we go above and beyond to care for our residents. Recently we brought in a cat for one patient. The cat provided some needed companionship and support. We strive to treat the whole patient, not just the medical conditions. That includes unique and very individualized treatment, including for one man, a cat.

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