Resources For Family Members

A traumatic injury or illness creates troubling times for both the person involved as well as their family. Hospitals can’t provide the level of care needed for the individual requiring comprehensive long-term care services, and the family is often placed in the difficult position to find a facility to suit their loved one’s needs.

Whether your decision involves a child, teenager or adult, Country Life Care Center provides a warm and inviting environment, staffed with knowledgeable and friendly professionals.  Please come see and feel a care environment designed, build and decorated for real personal comfort for any age. This may be the first satisfying decision concerning long term care and rehabilitation you make.

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Quality Care

We provide your loved one with a quality care community that becomes an extension of home. Our staff are not only proficient at providing top ranked medical care for a wide variety of acute care needs, we have created an institutionalized system of empathetic bedside connection. You are not just a number. You are a person, you have a family, and you need hope.

Case Management

case-manager-moving-paitentThe role of a case manager is to orchestrate medical care by a large number of providers and mitigate financial risk for responsible party. It is vital to receive support, education, and choices for a trusted professional who has your best interests in mind. You’re not alone in making the tough decisions you face. Our case managers are ready to listen to your concerns, so they can guide you through this process.

Customized Plan

country-life-customized-planWe’ll talk with you and the physicians to create a customized, long-term plan that fits your loved one’s medical needs and your unique financial situation. Our medical plans may be complete in 1-3 weeks, in the case of an orthopedic recovery; they may be 2+ months for a typical wound care stay, 3 months for a tracheotomy/ventilator; or long term in the case of a major neurological deficit, TBI or spinal chord injury.

Funding Review

case-managment-life-careThe financial implications of a devastating injury can be as challenging as the emotional and physical challenges that lay waiting. We will review your funding options and help you identify  financial resources to help cover medical costs, and work in conjunction with our in-house case manager to ensure quality care is received.

Continued Guidance

best-care-certifiedWe have helped thousands of families, similar to yours, to make the important decisions surrounding your loved one’s injury or illness. We’ll guide you along the way while your loved-one stays with us and if you prepare to continue long term care or rehabilitation at home.

You Are Not Alone

country-life-bandJust because you have a loved one who is injured or sick, doesn’t mean that you instantly understand all the of the jargon, insurance and long term consequences for your family.  You are not alone. We will assist you with providing a successful transition from the hospital to here, and from here to the next step of healing and care.