Country Life Care Center Services

Our warm and comfortable atmosphere contains technology that provides enhanced and complex medical services. We provide opportunities of recovery for adults and pediatrics, including newborns.  We have a higher nurse to patient ratio than required by licensing agencies. Our highly skilled nurses and staff members go above and beyond the baseline requirements. Our in-house therapy department is well equipped and provides physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy.

Respite Care

country-life-respite-careWe provide short-term relief to those responsible for caring for their family members. Caregivers can be rest assured their loved one is in good hands at Country Life Care Center. Our staff treats our patients as if they were caring for their own family.

Spinal Cord Injuries

life-care-younger-manA Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) occurs when the spinal cord is severed or partially damaged. Victims of SCI lose complete or partial motor functioning. Because every injury case is unique, our experienced nurses give each patient the customized care they need.

Complex Wound Care

wound-care-country-lifeWhether a patient has a surgical wound, an ulcer, or burn, our knowledgeable staff will help them on the road to recovery. Many factors affect the health of a person’s skin, so our team creates personalized treatment for each individual we care for at Country Life.

Feeding Tubes

life-care-babyCountry Life Care provides up-to-date equipment that helps individuals who are unable to swallow get the nutrition they need in the safest and least restrictive means possible. At Country Life Care Center, we care about the quality of nutrition our residents receive. We do our best to provide the best nutrition possible to each individual we care for.

Traumatic Brain Injury

nurse-caring-holding-handAccording to the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah, an estimated 56,000 Utahns are living with a long-term disability related to Traumatic Brain Injuries. Because every case is different, the consequences vary greatly. These injuries can affect a victim’s ability to move, think and speak. Our skilled staff is ready to give the unique care and attention each individual with a brain injury needs.

Congenital Anomalies & Cerebral Palsy

country-life-care-baby-on-ventilator-3Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term used to describe damage to parts of the brain that usually occurs before, during or after birth. It often affects body movement, muscle coordination and causes involuntary spasms. Our caring staff and diverse therapies help treat patients with cerebral palsy and other congenital anomalies.

Ventilator Dependency

country-care-residentPeople who depend on ventilators are not physically able to maintain spontaneous breathing on their own. Individuals with neuromuscular and central nervous system diseases, and spinal cord and other medically complex conditions (such as cerebral vascular accident, myocardial infarction and multiple sclerosis) are most likely to be dependent on ventilators. These individuals are more likely to develop infections because their respiratory systems are already strained.  The chance of infection is significantly lessened at our facility because our staff is well-trained and well-equipped in the management of respiratory care. Our care center also provides four rooms that have been engineered for the provision of care to those who may need respiratory isolation.

Poly Trauma

resident-care-catPolytrauma is a term used to describe the condition of someone who has sustained multiple injuries (e.g. a brain injury and severe burn). Polytrauma cases can create an overwhelming amount of stress to the families involved. At Country Life Care Center, we work with the patients and their families to alleviate as much of that stress as possible. Families can feel confident that their loved one is getting the attention and treatment they need while residing at our care facility.


Our well-trained nurses and therapists help quadriplegics improve their independence to their maximum potential.